Elite Exhibitions builds and nurtures communities with focused events and digital platforms.

We believe the future of B2B events and networking is in creating like-minded and engaged global communities that communicate and collaborate via in-person and digital events throughout the year.

Our objective is to be the leading platform offering networking and knowledge sharing in every industry we operate in.

Meet the team

Ellie Digney

Senior Marketing Manager

Claudia Gurr

Customer Experience Manager

Nikita Cliff

Membership & Events Executive

Daniel Stirrat

Database & Systems Manager

Tim Cottrell

Database & Systems Executive

Bethany Buxton

Senior Audience Engagement Manager

Stella Jones

Audience Engagement Manager

Kristina Gubrial

Audience Engagement Executive

Paige-Marie Carter

Audience Engagement Assistant

Caroline Pepper

Operations Director

Helen Blantz

Conference Director

Our values

Responsibility & Ownership

We take pride in a job well done and responsibility when things didn’t go to plan. We have agency when managing our time, tasks and outcomes.

Innovation & Growth

Our primary outcomes from any project are to learn and to grow. We’re always looking at ways to improve current processes to be more efficient and ensure we provide a better service. From increasing the scope of existing products to launching new products, we aim to add value to the communities we serve.

Creativity & Collaboration

Our goals are achieved through teamwork. We create an environment where people feel confident when sharing their ideas and thoughts. We are a company that says ‘yes’ to the unexpected, to the disruptive and to the innovative.

Companies Thrive When Employees Thrive

Elite Exhibitions offers every employee at every level the opportunity to develop their skills and progress their career. Benefits are designed to support a healthy work-life balance.

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